J.A. Smith

Jon (J. A. Smith) and his wife Alison have been involved in swinging for over thirty years. This unique book documents their swinging experience, their erotic adventures and the lifestyle they enjoyed, from their first chance finding of a swing club to the close relationships with the friends they have met along the way. Their adventures begin with a magazine advertisement for a swing club in a nearby city. Little do they know that the upcoming Saturday night party will be just the first of many parties and trips in the swinging/lifestyle world. This first person account of their sexual escapades includes 85 true stories, all told in explicit detail and in the language of the swinging lifestyle. From their early experiences as newbies, to swingers cruises, conventions, hotel parties, private house parties and a naughty resort in Negril, Jamaica, the accounts of their sexual journey create a steamy true-to-life picture what it’s like to dive into this unusual world. Readers learn that swinging is not a collection of one-night stands, but about trust, intimacy, openness and lasting friendships.

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