Colin I. Guest

A story of desire, romance and hot sex. Melissa loves sex. When she first married Ian their life together was bliss. He was an adoring and caring lover. The two enjoyed wild and passionate weekends away when sex was on the menu and making love couldn’t be better.  But after a few years of marriage, Ian’s lost all interest in Melissa. He shuns her for no reason and Melissa is desperate for answers. Although, the answer to her romantic dilemma is not at all what she expected. Ian dies in a tragic car accident, leaving her back to square one with her love life. A few months later, with the encouragement of her friend Diane, the two go to a new club in town where Melissa meets the charming and attentive Steven. This new man rekindles her desire for sex and two eventually marry. The sex is hot and she hopes this is the relationship that will last forever. Little does she know that Steven harbors a dark secret – dark enough to make Melissa concerned for her safety.  Will she be able to get beyond this nasty glitch in her marriage, or will Melissa be unlucky in love once again?

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  • Paginas: 40
  • Edición: 2019
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Formato: EPUB
  • ISBN: 9781950910076