Jurgen Von Stuka

The narrator of this story dreams of a place where his BDSM and sexual fantasies can be lived 24/7. He buys a deserted farm and immediately, the female county agent figures out what he’s planning and wants in. It’s hard to keep a secret. As is the plan, two male tops run the place and arrange to live with three or four gorgeous women in a country setting. They have a great time. Spanking, flogging and other punishments are meted out to the women for even minor infractions of daily routine. Break a dish? Spend the weekend in a tiny cage where you cannot stand, sit or kneel. Heavy chains are the standard uniform. Discipline hoods and punishment harnesses are the dress code. But no matter what, the women are always gagged. There are gags of all kinds. Some merely token, but most are essentially functional, many designed to totally silence the wearer for long periods. There are no panties stuffed into a woman’s mouth and held there with duct tape – except when nothing else is handy. But they’re just a temporary silencer until the next mouth-sealing device is inserted and locked into place.

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  • Edición: 2019
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  • ISBN: 9781945648984