The Making Of A Dom

Nearly Forbidden Series, Book Two

Gemma Stone

In this sizzling sequel to her path-breaking interracial, Nearly Forbidden, Gemma Stone reveals how Peter Porter became involved with BDSM and grew into an accomplished Dominant. Many Doms who aspire to be Masters fantasize about having two slaves simultaneously. Most never succeed. Peter, however, finds himself through a happy set of circumstances to have a houseful of slaves. In addition to Caile, a black graduate student he introduced to the BDSM lifestyle, there is Collette and four members of a college swim team he had collared. They live together as one happy, harmonious, and polyamorous household. In The Making of a Dom, Stone continues the sexual exploits of Peter, Caile, and the rest of his unexpected bevy of slaves, which takes them from the United States to the tawdry sex shows in Pigalle and, ultimately, to Les Chandelles, the chicest underground sex club in Paris. Life for Caile, who is clearly Peter’s favorite, seems perfect until an old love of Peter’s suddenly reappears and threatens their erotic paradise.

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  • Edición: 2019
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