The Full Treatment

A Novel of Erotic Worship

Imelda Stark

Meet Jake, a handsome young man in his mid twenties who comes into an unexpected inheritance when his kind but distant father suddenly dies in the arms of Jake’s beautiful stepmother. In the aftermath of this traumatic loss, the young man reveals his knowledge of his parents’ rather kinky sex life, prompting his intoxicated stepmother to administer the sound bare bottom spanking that she had longed to give him for many years. After sobering up a bit, she is remorseful and demands he give her the same treatment to her own gorgeous rear end. Jake debriefs this confusing episode with his aikido master, also a lovely older woman who warmly accepts his embarrassing arousal at painful attention to his derriere.  She then reveals her own enjoyment of administering hard spankings to deserving male rear ends, leading to a torrid sexual encounter that is supremely satisfying to them both. His unusual worshipful approach to pleasing powerful women causes his teacher to recruit him as a sex toy for a group of her friends, three lovely professional women with varying needs for very kinky BDSM sex.  All manner of entertaining naughtiness ensues.

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  • Paginas: 96
  • Edición: 2018
  • Idioma: Inglés
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  • Formato: EPUB
  • ISBN: 9781945648816