A Controlled Existence

Dutch Capture Series, Book Two

Gemma Stone

As this sequel to The Sessions opens, Kat, Meg, and Courtney are slaves to the wealthy and mysterious Dominant Paul Ulbrecht, with whom they live in a polyamorous, D/s relationship. Not only does Paul use them for his own pleasure, they serve at his frequent play parties. Meanwhile, his elegant clothingoptional resort in the Caribbean, Star Fall, covertly caters to the D/s community, where his slaves, Claire, his business protégé, and Tom reside. Paul maintains that his relationship with Tom is strictly about domination, not sex. As a deeper relationship between slave Kat and Paul develops, Kat’s determined to marry to him, though she hesitates to upset the group’s stable “family.” When her desires set off a competition with Claire, Kat’s confused. Everything seems up in the air. Will the game upset the very relationships Kat wants desperately to preserve? Will she lose both Paul and Meg whom she loves equally? Will she get what she wants or more than she bargained for? The group’s adventures move from affluent New England to New York City and to a sundrenched island in the Caribbean

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