Lee Dorsey, Lee Dorsey

In the first story is this collection, Daniel met Sharon on a blind date a year and a half ago. Before their first sexual encounter, she confessed to Daniel her kinky needs and preferences. Now, after a year of wild and incredible sex they become engaged. However, at their engagement party, Daniel meets Sharon’s stepsister, Dale. The chemistry between the two is instantaneous, and they sneak off to a bedroom during the party for hot sex. Daniel is now between a rock and a hard place with two women! Or at least that’s what he thinks! In the second story of this collection, a man enters into a relationship with Louisa, a dominant female who can only achieve sexual gratification if she’s inflicting pain on her sexual partner. She takes on the role of teacher with no problem. The third story features Carl who is about to begin a job in a different State, where he’s been invited to stay with Rosalie, a friend from college and her husband. At one time Carl and Rosalie had been intimate when they lived in a coed dorm. Now, with Rosalie’s husband a salesman, who frequently goes out of town for several days at a time, she finds her sex drive kicking in with a vengeance when she meets up with Carl again after several years.

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