I Can Beat The Market

And Other Lies From Financial Professionals

Dan Searles

Many don’t understand the role a financial planner performs. In language a layperson can understand, Dan Searles, CFP, demystifies financial concepts and explains how a financial planner can provide insight, expertise, and help make important life-changing decisions. "I wrote this book at the urging of many of my current clients who thought my clear, concise plain English and folksy style would make a complicated, difficult subject fun and interesting." Searles provides clear information on how to choose a financial planner and explains the multiple professional designations in the field. He also explains fees and commissions; provides guidance in making informed decisions on saving for retirement; discusses whether purchasing long-term care insurance is the right decision; and demystifies the various types of life insurance by dispelling common misperceptions. I Can Beat the Market: And Other Lies From Financial Professionals is a must-read, especially in today’s economy.

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