Innocence: Simplicity Of Spirit

Lilia Faith Christian's Family Legacy

Peggyl. Headlund

Innocence: Simplicity of Spirit is an absolute delight of a book about a young, precocious 11-year old girl named Lilia Faith Christian. Author Peggy L. Headlund’s protagonist is an ideal role model for “tweens” and teenagers. This uplifting tale is set against the stunning backdrop of Wailua, Kauai, where Lilia lives with her parents, Jacob and Francine, and her grandfather, Apelehama. Written with astounding insight into the mind of a young girl, Lilia’s mischievous adventures and inventive ideas take the reader on a glorious romp through life on an island ranch, and a family’s ups and downs. It is an endearing slice of life written with spiritual insight and splendid wholesomeness. Lilia’s indomitable spirit enables her to tame a wild horse, survive a tornado, and give her parents and grandfather continuing headaches. But Lilia discovers wondrous things about herself with the help of her best friend, Mele, guidance from her parents, and her grandfather’s sage advice: “Hope is an anchor for the soul.” You will fall in love with this impetuous, fun-loving young girl. This irresistible story of the importance of family and faith is a welcome and refreshing jewel of a book for the entire family to enjoy.

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