Rodney Dearing

Special weapons, military operations, spies and nasty surprises await in the first book of the Cadet Willie McBride military adventure series. Willie McBride and his two friends experience them all as they change history in another world. After Willie McBride is told that the incident in a mine that killed his parents may not have been an accident, he is enrolled at their old military school at Surrenden as a military cadet, and he follows a mysterious trail to discover the true nature of their death. The trail leads Willie and his two close friends, Gareth Jones and Penelope Pendragon, to discover a wormhole through space and time that leads to the twin world of Brittanica. They become agents for Brittanica and undertake dangerous and vital military missions on Brittanica’s behalf in tropical Borneo and far off New Zealand. Meanwhile at Surrenden Military School Willie and his friends train with the SAS, and are introduced to advanced weapons using nanotechnology, lasers and hallucinates. He agrees to become an agent for the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and undertake further hazardous missions in a bid to track down the truth..

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