Martin Isherwood

The Devil in His Blue Eyes tells the true story of an abusive relationship. The book covers a three-month period beginning when the author first met Kevin, continuing with the day they moved in together, and describes when the abuse started. Says the author, "The main character, myself, is a caring, understanding, and good-natured individual. I set my first book in the first three months of my relationship with Kevin. I start the book at the end of 2004 and the beginning of 2005. I tell the story of how we came to be, and the first hand he put on me." After surviving the pain of a relationship gone bad and so much that others did not believe, "I decided to put it down in black and white, and to tell my story to all." This gripping, informative, and mind-bending story delves into personal relationships, and will grab readers from the first page.

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